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Training Aids


Junior golf is the lifeblood of the game and quality coaching is at the heart of it. Since 1973 I have been proactive in the development of youngsters in schools, club and county coaching, helping many fine players progress up the playing ladder.

Of course, in reality, very few young golfers will make it right to the top, but no matter what point they reach on the ladder, they will have a skill for life and it is likely that they will pass this on to future generations.

I am of course very proud of tour players such as Andrew Coltart, Gary Orr, Paul Casey, Anthony Wall, James Morrison and Ross McGowan, all of whom I worked with as youngsters, but I have many more former pupils who have become club professionals or teachers, or have chosen other professions entirely. Every so often I catch up with them and I am equally proud to list amongst them a Golf Channel TV presenter, dentists, doctors, a neuro surgeon and so on. I only played a small part in their development but I like to think it was nevertheless an important part.


The Journey

Presently I have several good juniors golfers who I see on an individual basis, so whether you are junior looking to take your game to a higher level on the ‘golfing ladder’ or you are the parent/guardian of a promising youngster and would like the correct development structure for him/her, please feel free to give me a call.


James Braby

During 2013 I had the privilege to visit China again, this time to coach an enthusiastic and talented group of junior golfers ranging in age from 7 - 13. In all of my years as a junior coach, this group was the most focused, polite and disciplined group of juniors I have ever worked with and as a result the boys and girls made great progress during my time with them. The Chinese are emerging very quickly as a golfing nation which is not surprising when you see their personal desire, dedication and determination to reach their golfing goals.

A special mention must go to Tom and Lily (the Chinese like to adopt an English name) who are the best 13 year old boy and 8 year old girl I have ever had the pleasure to teach. They, and no doubt many other Chinese youngsters, have a big future in golf.

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